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Technical Overview

Tumor is a complex disease gene, translational medicine research results show that along with more and more in-depth study of updated technique, driving tumor genes, pathogenic genes and resistance genes, it is found that more genes are closely related to the therapeutic effect of tumor therapy. Continuous development of high-throughput sequencing (NGS) technology and substantial decline in sequencing costs provides favorable conditions for precise treatment of tumor patients.

Annoroad carefully selected 247 genes, which were closely related to tumor, covering all genes recommend by guidelines and clinical focus genes, and analyzed the relationship between more than 200 kinds of drugs and genetic variation, which can be applied to lung tumor, stomach tumor, colorectal tumor, breast tumor and other patients with solid tumors, especially for advanced patients with tumors and metastatic tumors. According to the actual situation of patients, genetic detections can be carried out on tissue samples or hydrothorax samples.

Detection Content

1) Comprehensive detection of 247 key genes related to tumors

2) Accurate interpretation of the relationship between more than 200 kinds of tumor drugs and genes

Detection Significance

Individualized drugs guide: detect drug target genes, precisely interpret the relevant sites, analyze the relationship between genetic variation and drug, recommend appropriate drugs according to specific genetic mutation of tumor patients, assess the efficacy of drugs and related side effects, and help doctors to develop individualized treatment programs;

Resistance analysis: the development of resistance is derived from the continuous mutations of tumor-related genes, and genetic detection advantages of tumor individualized treatment (high throughput sequencing) are as follows: it can analyze 247 genes at once, while looking for possible reasons and mechanisms of drug resistance so as to assist doctors to adjust treatment program and choose a more appropriate drug.


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