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Test period: 10 workdays since the laboratory receives the sample.

Sample requirements:

    1. Bone marrow/peripheral blood: 2-3ml; placed in EDTA anticoagulative tube (purple-head tube); stored and transported under a temperature of 4℃.

    Bone marrow is the preferred specimen; and the proportion of primitive cells or juvenile cells is greater than 5%. For samples with more than 5×109/L white blood cells in peripheral blood, over 5% primitive cells or abnormal cells, and less than 5×109/L white blood cells, the sample amount (>5ml) must be increased accordingly.

    2. DNA: The total amount is higher than 1μg; OD 260/280 stands between 1.8~2.0, and concentration is greater than 30ng/μL. The electrophoretic band is larger than 20kb after agarose electrophoresis. The DNA sample shall be put in an Eppendorf tube the size of 1.5ml or 2ml and be kept under a temperature of 4℃.

Note: Individuals with history of hematopoietic stem cell implantation or blood transfusion in the past 3 months are advised against taking the test. To ensure the quality of test, the sample must be sent to the laboratory within 24 hours.


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