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Technical brief

Product Introduction:

Gene is the DNA fragment carrying genetic information, and it is the basic genetic unit controlling human life activities. All life phenomena such as birth, growth, decline, disease, aging and death are related to genes closely. Genes determine the characteristics of human beings, disease susceptibility, drug sensitivity and other aspects, and thus are known as the “life code” of human beings. There are more than 25,000 genes in humans, covering 3 billion loci.

Personal whole genome test is to comprehensively test 3 billion genetic loci information in the human body. Using the most advanced life science technology to decrypt the human life code, obtain a complete “human instructions” and make a dedicated health management program for the subject.


Content of Test:

Personal whole genome test scans all the genetic loci in the body. Based on the most advanced high-throughput sequencing platform, combined with the authoritative international database and the latest scientific research results, it can analyze and interpret individual genetic information from the layer of genes comprehensively, scientifically and accurately. It can evaluate the potential health risks of individuals, and help individuals to realize early prevention of diseases, and delay the occurrence and development of diseases and formulate scientific and accurate health management plans.


The Test Results Are Presented in the Following Form:


Technical advantages


Testing process


For people

Applicable People:

1. Individuals with a genetic history of familial diseases;

2. Individuals with relevant chronic medical history;

3. Individuals who have been in a polluted or harmful environment for a long time;

4. Individuals with poor diet or irregular life;

5. Healthy people who are concerned about their disease risk.

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