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Technical brief

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According to Chinese Cancer Registration Annual Report (2012), the incidence rate of cancer inChinawas 285.91/100,000. Newly detected cases of cancer total around 3.12 million per year, with 8,550 cases per day. InChina, 6 people are diagnosed with malignant tumor every minute, and citizens are 22% likely to suffer from cancer in their lifetime. Cancer has become the primary cause of death for Chinese citizens.

The occurrence of cancer is subject to the joint influence of hereditary and environmental factors. The gene records and transmits hereditary information. Gene detection serves to evaluate the genetic conditions and susceptibility risks of individual cancer patients; and helps them develop scientific lifestyle based on detection results, adopt targeted preventive and intervening measures, and take better care of their health.

MyGenome, Annoroad’s hereditary oncogene detection, is targeted at the tumors of high incidence to Chinese people and features advanced technique and flexible test items. It is designed to satisfy customers’ personal health requirements and protect their health.

Test item

Flexible test items are available to meet customers’ individual health needs

MyGenome, an oncogene detection technique developed by Annoroad, is aimed at the cancers that occur frequently to Chinese people, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, nasopharynx cancer, and bladder cancer. The following four options are available:


  Single cancer detection

Under the guidance of doctors, subjects can choose one or more items from the following 14 single tumor detection items according to their own conditions.


 Package for high-incidence male tumor detection

This package is designed to detect 14 tumors whose incidence rates are high among Chinese males.



  Package for high-incidence female tumor detection

This package is designed to detect 14 tumors whose incidence rates are high among Chinese females.



High-class package for tumor detection

This package covers 42 types of tumors that occur frequently to Chinese people and thus meets higher-level health needs.


Technical advantages

Advanced test technology: The core technology is developed independently and at world-class level;

Flexible test items: The modular package policy meets health needs at different levels;

Comprehensive test content: Genetic loci are comprehensively covered, and more test information can be obtained;

Professional test report: The report is authoritative, scientific and accurate based on authoritative database;

Excellent test services: Follow-up service is provided in the whole process and meets subjects’ health requirements.

Testing process


Sample requirements:

Anti-coagulation peripheral blood: 3-5ml blood can be drawn randomly. If the subject has history of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation or blood transfusion in the past 3 months, the result of peripheral blood gene test may be unreliable.

For people

1. Individuals with familial inheritance of tumor;

2. Individuals with history of relevant chronic diseases (inflammation or hyperplasia);

3. Individuals subjected to pollution or harmful environment for a long time;

4. Individuals with bad dietary habits or irregular lifestyle.


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