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Technical brief

1. About the product

Annoroad’s Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) refers to the screening of embryos during development of IVF (in vitro fertilization) embryos. The implantation of embryos without abnormal chromosome number or micro-deletion/micro-duplication helps effectively improve the rate of pregnancy with test-tube baby, lower risks of abortion, and prevent birth defects.

2. Background

2.1 Status of infertility and birth defect inChina


 2.2 Occurrence rate of chromosome abnormality in relevant diseases

----Chromosome abnormality occupies a fairly large proportion in cases of infertility and birth defect


2.3 Deficiency of traditional test-tube baby technique

1) Both the implantation success rate and pregnancy rate are low for traditional test-tube babies;

2) There are high incidence of chromosome abnormality and high miscarriage rate for embryos of in vitro development.

Technical advantages

Significance of PGS to embryo implantation:

1. Effectively detecting embryos with chromosome abnormality (aneuploidy, mico-deletion/micro-duplication) for purposes of selective implantation;

2. Raising success rate of pregnancy and lowering occurrence of miscarriage;

3. Improving survival rate of implanted embryo;

4. Reducing occurrence of birth defect.

Technical advantages of Annoroad’s PGS:

1. Full coverage of numerical abnormalities of aneuploidy for 23 pairs of chromosomes and chromosome micro-deletion/micro-duplication by over 10M

2. Precise and reliable test result


Testing process


For people

All the people with the intention to take test-tube baby program.

1. Pregnant women at advanced age (≥35 years old);

2. Pregnant women who have experienced spontaneous abortion or multiple miscarriages (number of spontaneous abortions: ≥3);

3. Pregnant women with multiple (≥3) failed embryo implantations;

4. People with history of bearing babies with chromosome abnormality;

5. Couples with abnormal chromosome numbers and structures;

6. Severe male factor infertility (SMF): oligo-astheno-teratospermia.


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