Annoroad Chen Chongjian: uncovering secrets of health with gene big data

“Curb Birth Defects with Gene Testing!”;

When Chen Chongjian CTO of Annoroad saw the industrial hot news on Sept. 10, he smiled happily, because his research has got ahead of his peers.

The non-invasive prenatal gene sequencing headed by Chen Chongjian has become the prime sales revenue, and occupied 10% domestic market shares in only two years, ranking the first three in the industry in China. Therefore, he was rated as the overseas high-level talent by the Development Zone. 

Such research is only a part of his researches. He hope that Annoroad can make a bigger breakthrough in the gene sequencing of maternity services, such as test-tube baby and infertility and individualized tumor treatment guide, thus realizing his dream of “promoting human health with gene research”. 


Ph.D. in Biology keen on the data computing 

Chen Chongjian entered the university in 2000. Although he majored in biochemistry, he had a preference for the computing analysis. In 2002, he minored in the computer science. Unexpectedly, such decision laid a solid foundation for the subsequent gene data research.

In 2003, the human genome map known as the milestone of life science was completed. Such finding uncovered the secrets of human life, and changed the destiny of Chen Chongjian. Since then, he started his dream of decoding the data password.

After obtaining the doctorates from Sun Yat-Sen University and University of Paris XI, Chen Chongjian became a post-doctor of Institut Curie, where he had done research into the high-throughput sequencing of mammal embryonic stem cell and breast cancer. But pure research was not his goal. His ambition is to contribute to human health with these gene data.

Established Annoroad with his schoolmate.

Only a dreamer can gain the good luck!

Occasionally, Chen Chongjian learnt that his schoolmate Liang Junbin had the same idea; therefore, the two decided to conduct the joint adventure to realize the industrialization of research findings. 

The first goal was positioned on the world’s first genome industrialization application example - Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. If such technology can be broken through, it will keep up with the world-class technology level. The market was absent of professional software and standard process for clinical application of prenatal genome; nevertheless, this is just Chen Chongjian’s specialty.

For this reason, Chen Chongjian resolutely gave up his high-pay job in France and returned home from abroad to perform technical development. Due to his knowledge base in biotechnology and computer technology, they made a breakthrough, established their own data model, and entered non-invasive prenatal gene testing sector. Moreover, their research finding has obtained the patent right.

“The gene sequencing is the first link of health service, and the most important link is decoding.” said Chen Chongjian. The high technical threshold is real cause for Annoroad, a technology-based company, to make a hit. “The non-invasive prenatal testing can accurately judge if the chromosome is abnormal, thus promoting the probability of aristogenesis.” said Chen Chongjian. Currently, Chen Chongjian, along with Annoroad’s developers, is expanding range of testing, and promoting the research into infertility and test-tube baby health.

The clinical sequencing products are expected to be approved recently. 

Chen Chongjian browses the industry news each day, and also often participates in international academic activities, so as to understand the up-to-date gene sequencing trend. Such spirit contributes to their success in the early tumor gene testing technology, which can detect 42 incident tumors at a time, involving 110 tumor-related genes. The excellent research findings in tumor make Annoroad stand out of nearly 20,000 high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park, and obtain the title of “2013 Zhongguancun Top 10 Innovation Achievements”.

Just when Annoroad was growing vigorously, the gene sequencing was halted in China, so Annoroad was only allowed to carry out some non-profit medical researches. Fortunately, a few months later, China re-started the pilot work of gene sequencing business, which brought Annoroad some new opportunities.

It is learnt that Annoroad is expected to be approved by the supervision department within the coming months, being an institute with some compliant gene sequencing products following after Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), and expanding the scope of gene sequencing business.

“Our tens of thousands of cases of clinical data are conducive to declaring the pilot enterprise of clinical application of gene sequencing.” Chen Chongjian said proudly. Not all of the enterprises can achieve it. I believe that Annoroad is certain to go farther and to benefit more individuals.




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