Annoroad and AliCloud jointly build “Annoroad Cloud” gene big data analysis platform

The cloud computing is becoming a favorite of the biomedicine circle. More and more DT industry organizations select the cloud computing and enter DT era. On Feb. 1, 2016, Annoroad Gene Technology, a famous enterprise in China genome industry, together with globally-leading cloud computing manufacturer AliCloud, announced the strategic cooperation plan to build AliCloud-based biological big data analysis cloud platform - “solargenomics”, with view to realizing rapid analysis and secure storage of high-throughput gene sequencing data, providing storage and management service of biological big data and the integrated service of biologic and clinical research data analysis and boosting the progress of China precision medicine. 


According to the Agreement, with the goal of “Complementary Advantages, Mutual Benefit, Joint Development”, both the sides will provide the services to the sectors related to gene testing, precision medicine, etc., build the in-depth crossover of life science and computer science, and boost the development of the gene big data cloud service.

It is learned that Annoroad has accumulated a great deal of biological samples and gene data since its inception. With the help of “Annoroad Cloud” big data platform, Annoroad will provide the perfect services for the clinical application market of China reproduction and fertility, as well as the all-round high-quality solutions for the tumors’ risk early warning, early diagnosis, individualized medication, curative effect monitoring, etc. to our partners.

Chen Chongjian, President and CTO of Annoroad indicated: “High-throughput sequencing technology is the combination of genomics and IT technology. Its data correction and algorithm optimization can promote the accuracy of testing results. Based on Annoroad’s technical first-mover advantages in high-throughput sequencing sector, ‘solargenomics’ big data will promote the bigger breakthrough of industrialized application of gene sequencing, and realize the corporate vision of ‘Gene Technology, Blooming Your Life’. ”



According to China Birth Defects Prevention Report released by Ministry of Health of the PRC in 2012, the incidence rate of the birth defects was 5.6% or so, and newly-added birth defects each year were nearly 900,000 cases, of which, the clinically-visible birth defects was nearly 250,000 cases. The incidence rate of the birth defects in China is close to the average in the middle-income countries. Due to high population base, the total number of newly-added birth defects is very huge; therefore, the burden of diseases caused by treatment, disability or death is relatively high.

On the other hand, the treatment and prevention of tumor in China is not optimistic. According to 2014 Chinese Cancer Registry Annual Report, the malignant tumor, with the incidence rate of 235.23/100,000 and the death rate of 148.81/100,000, has become the primary death causes of Chinese residents. In terms of the age-specific incidence rate, the incidence rate aged 45 or above rises apparently. Calculated according to the average life expectancy of 74 years old, the incidence rate of malignant tumor of Chinese residents is 22%.

The rapid development of high-throughput sequencing, biological information analysis and big data technologies not only boosts the prenatal and postnatal care, but also accelerates the wide implementation of individualized diagnosis and treatment of tumor. Since its inception in 2012, Annoroad has concentrated on the industrialized application of new-generation genomics technology in medical health and life science, possessed the leading self-developed genome sequencing and bioinformatics technologies, built the leading high-throughput sequencing platform and high-performance computing platform and formed strong Bio-IT foundation and industrialization service ability.

According to the industry sources, regardless of the rapid development of new-generation sequencing technologies, the gene sequencing costs have dropped in recent years sharply, and the gene technology has been widely applied to scientific research and clinical medicine; moreover, due to the emergence of big data analysis tools and the enhancement of decoding ability of biological information, the precision medicine to perform individualized clinical diagnosis and treatment guide and personal health management based on the personal genome information is exerting its effect, which has become the highlight of clinical application on a global scale. However, how to analyze and sort the accumulated mass gene big data in this process effectively and how to cooperate via resources sharing are currently difficult problems for scientific and medical researchers.

To realize secure sharing and rapid analysis of the mass data with the cloud computing platform, in no doubt, is the best approach to solve such problems, while “solargenomics” gene big data analysis platform, jointly built by Annoroad Gene Technology and AliCloud, is the most professional solution for the above problems. 

As a globally-leading cloud computing platform, AliCloud will provide some distributed cloud services in this cooperation, with strong computing resources, mass storage space, flexible virtual computing and perfect safety protection ensuring the operation of “solargenomics”. Moreover, Annoroad, based on its advantages in bioinformatics, has developed many patented technologies of software analysis, and built integrated analysis toolkit, which provide a strong analysis platform for life science research and precision medicine application.

AliCloud’s senior expert Lin Heshan indicated that: “to build a gene big data platform is a very complicated systems engineering. AliCloud’s products and solutions in the life science have reached industrially-leading level, which can meet the demands of the gene big data platform on storage, computing and safety.”

“With the help of AliCloud’s strong platform and technical support, Annoroad can concentrate on the specialized analysis tools and software related to research and development, without need of more attention to underlying IT infrastructure, thus reducing construction period and operating costs of the solargenomics. Combining Annoroad’s years of accumulation with the cloud computing is certain to provide strong driving force for the further development of the gene sequencing technology.” said Lin Heshan. 



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