Annoroad: growing into a small giant within three years

Under the new normal economy, the extensive growth mode based on the scale expansion has come to an end. A large number of small-sized enterprises have entered the new stage of the booming development, and are becoming the driving force of transformation and upgrading. Annoroad is a typical example among these enterprises. At the end of Oct. 2015, Zhang Jinping editor-in-chief of E Times interviewed Liang Junbin, COO of Annoroad, who briefly reviewed Annoroad’s rapid development over a few years.


“We have changed our office location. Original place becomes our pure laboratory building.” Two years later when I came to Annoroad again, I heard such answer.

When I met Liang Junbin again, this post-80s COO looked more moderate than two years ago. It seemed that time left no sort of trace. “Annoroad moved too fast, so we have to rent new place” His tone revealed his confidence and proudness. Maybe this was the reason for his boundless enthusiasm.

Annoroad established in 2012 has become a “small giant” with the scale of nearly 100,000,000 Yuan within three years. Such speed is proud.

Gene testing technology opens the market

In the beginning of the year 2012, Liang Junbin who was determined to decode the life password, together with his like-minded partners, established Annoroad Gene Technology. In the beginning of startup, they had made a unanimous decision, with the non-invasive prenatal gene testing R&D project as the breakthrough point, to enter the promising gene testing market. 

“Annoroad’s R&D team consists of some highly-educated returnee scholars and domestic technical experts with rich genomics R&D experience, who have molecular biology and bioinformatics background and excellent practice experience, so Annoroad has made some R&D achievements in the short time.”, Liang Junbin said frankly. As expected, “Annoroad” took the lead in launching the early tumor risk screening technology in Sept., 2013. Due to the high-precision analysis ability in the tumor risk gene data, “Annoroad” finally opened the genomics market. Tens of domestically-famous medical institutions initiatively contacted with “Annoroad” to discuss specific cooperation. 

In Jan. 2014, “Annoroad” stood out of nearly 20,000 high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park. The early tumor gene testing technology was honored with “2013 Zhongguancun Top 10 Innovation Achievements”. 

The rapid development encountered “intermediate stop”

Just when Annoroad was growing vigorously, the gene sequencing was halted in China, so Annoroad was only allowed to carry out some non-profit medical researches.

“The year 2014 was our survival period.” said Liang Junbin. 2014 was a crucial year when the employees had worried about Annoroad’s prospect. In the partners’opinions, their technologies, without any problem, were certain to be recognized. 

To this end, Annoroad organized a special team to prepare the declaration data overtime for the pilot work of gene sequencing. 

A few months later, when Annoroad appeared in the first high sequencing clinical pilot list, several partners excitedly jumped and shouted. As for this matter, Liang Junbin was yet excited. 

“Opportunities and risks always coexist.” said Liang Junbin. It indicated that our persistence was correct, and our judgment was right. Such ordeal smoothened our impatience.

Take off at high speed with industrial elites

In 2014, Annoroad has expanded the business greatly, so that Annoroad could not complete the increasing entrusted experiments in 6000 sq.m; therefore, Annoroad had to seek new offices and laboratory. Tens of millions of financial capital flooded into Annoroad.

The key turning point this year was that Illumina, the industrial leader in global DNA sequencing and biochip technology sector, joined hands with Annoroad to develop the high-throughput sequencing platform for the reproductive health.

“This is a milestone. We begin to expand our industrial chain. The hardware production will enhance corporate comprehensive competitiveness. Our industrial distribution will be enriched further.” said Liang Junbin. Such thing was called as “major event”, which has attracted more partners for Annoroad. Currently, Annoroad has formed excellent product system and brand effect in reproductive health, individualized diagnosis and treatment of tumor, monogenic disease and genetic medical examination.

At the end of July this year, Annoroad, with high growth speed and strong independent innovation ability, stood out of nearly 20,000 enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park, and listed into “2015 Zhongguancun Top 100 High-growth Enterprises”.

“Next, we are to build a headquarters base in Beijing Economic Technological Development Area.” In future, Liang Junbin is full of confidence: big segment market potential, advanced technology and sufficient market space. Currently, the most pressing thing is that Annoroad shall integrate scattered offices, labs and production to enhance corporate operating efficiency. (Reporter: Zhang Jinping)


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