Annoroad Assists Sun Yat-Sen University in Building First Rice Sexual Reproduction lncRNA Library



Recently, Sun Yat-Sen University School of Life Sciences and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital Sun Yat-Sen University, through high-throughput sequencing and analysis, discovered a great deal of lncRNAs related to the sexual reproduction in rice. This research result was published in Genome Biology on December 3, 2014.

In recent years, with the enhancement of the sequencing level, lncRNA’s important functions were gradually valued. Although LncRNA doesn’t encode proteins, LncRNA involves in regulating many important molecular biology functions, including gene expression, epigenetic modification, regulation of protein activity, etc. Current researches into lncRNA focus on the animal sector, and are relatively rare in the plant sector. Current researches in the plant sector focus on Arabidopsis and wheat, and are nearly blank in rice. Its functional lncRNA is the difficult point of scientific research due to its extremely-low abundance.

Sun Yat-Sen University School of Life Sciences and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital Sun Yat-Sen University, with the help of Annoroad’s high-throughput sequencing platform, performed the in-depth RNA analysis of whole transcriptome (ssRNA-seq) on rice pollination, post-budding pollen, pistil, and seed specimen. Based on the sequencing data of existing rice RNA, Sun Yat-Sen University’s researchers discovered that the rice’s lncRNA and Arabidopsis have a significant difference from that in the animal cell, indicating extremely-high tissue specificity and stage specificity. Moreover, they also performed functional analysis on lncRNA at some sexual reproduction stages, discovering that some lncRNAs are endogenous competitive RNAs, which will weaken the functions of miR160 and miR164 inside the cells. It's worth noting that XLOC_057324, as one of reproduction-related lncRNAs, is closely correlated to developmental and reproductive capacity of the panicle. Through the data sorting, they also built the insertion mutation library of rice-related lncRNAs.

GENOME, as the sub-brand affiliated to Annoroad, has advanced high-throughput sequencing platform and high-performance computing platform, and has been committed to providing efficient, cutting-edge genome-related scientific research services for the scientific researchers. So far, GENOME has published a series of high-level articles. GENOME has been keeping good cooperation with many universities like Sun Yat-Sen University. The publication of the academic paper is a vivid reflection for GENOME to assist the scientific researchers in accelerating the research of life science. In future, GENOME, with the concept of “Let Us Discover Faster”, will continuously provide our partners with first-rate genomics scientific research service and accelerate the output of more innovative research achievements. 



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Good News | Annoroad passed the 2019 EMQN proficiency verification project with full marks

Recently, the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) released its 2019 BRCA Ovarian (Germline) competency assessment report, and Annoroad once again passed the quality evaluation with full marks, proving its standardization and accuracy of each branch from gene detection to clinical annotation with strength.


A total of 316 laboratories (266 in 2018) participated in this external quality assessment, and the germline mutations of the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes in the three samples (case1, case2, case3) issued were tested. It is reported that this project is an EQA project carried out by EMQN to evaluate the ability of global genetic diagnosis laboratories to detect and interpret BRCA germline mutations. The project evaluation involves three scoring indicators: Genotyping, Interpretation, Patient Identifiers and Clerical Accuracy. Annoroad received the maximum score of 2.00 for the three indicators, which was higher than the global average. The achievement of full marks reflects Annoroad's superior technical and professional strength in gene mutation detection, clinical genetic interpretation and analysis, clinical report standardization, etc.


Since its founding, Annoroad has demonstrated strong technical advantages in the field of tumor clinical detection based on a high-throughput sequencing platform. This time, it passed the EMQN external quality assessment with full marks, which not only demonstrated its strength of tumor detection, but also set a higher benchmark in the industry. In the future, Annoroad will continue to explore high-quality points, pursue perfection, and repay the trust of doctors and patients with high-quality and high-standard services.


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