Here It Comes with Outstanding Achievements! | ANNOROAD Successfully Passed EMQN's Proficiency Testing Project in 2019

Recently, the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) released lung cancer (NSCLC) and COLORECTAL CANCER proficiency testing (PT) accreditation reports in 2019, and ANNOROAD successfully passed this quality assessment with outstanding achievements. Passing this quality assessment demonstrates that ANNOROAD has reached the international leading level in detection services such as tumor gene sequencing, information analysis, interpretation.



Throughout the years , EMQN has always been devoting to provide external quality assessment for global medical detection laboratories to constantly improve the accuracy and standardization of tumor molecular marker detection by all detection institutions.

401 laboratories from 53 countries across the globe participated in this EMQN project, and these laboratories mainly detected the variations of genes including BRAF and KRAS that are highly correlated with lung cancer and colorectal cancer and provided relevant clinical suggestions. According to clinical demands, ANNOROAD accurately detected all point mutations and small fragment insertion / deletion mutations in all samples given out and accomplished the analysis of sites and the output of clinical suggestions.

With the ever-developing NGS detection technologies and the perfection of relevant services, the requirements for clinical molecular detection services on the market become increasingly stricter. ANNOROAD always treats all clinical reports with a rigorous, solemn, and serious attitude, develops and perfects itself constantly, and strives to provide high-level detection services for all doctors and patients in the field of tumor detection.

Up till now, ANNOROAD has successfully passed all external quality assessments it participated in on tumor molecular detection with outstanding achievements. This not only affirms ANNOROA’s tumor detection strength but also sets a high-standard example for the industry. In the future, ANNOROAD will constantly explore, strive for breakthroughs, and thank all doctors and patients for their trust with superior and high-standard services.


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