7 Sets of PacBio Sequel II · A Head Start for 2020

Since May 2019, ANNOROAD has introduced 4 sets of PacBio Sequel II sequencing platforms and successively served hundreds of scientific research projects. In addition, it participated in the publication of the first domestic article on Sequel II sequencing this October. The third-generation sequencing has demonstrated tremendous advantages in basic research and clinical application and has gradually been favored by researchers due to its unique technical characteristics. ANNOROAD introduced three more sets of Sequel II platforms before the approaching 2020 to satisfy the ever-increasing market demands, and strives to provide quicker and more superior services for all scientific research users.



Up till now, ANNOROAD has been equipped with 7 sets of PacBio Sequel II sequencing platforms, and its average sequencing throughput per day has been up to 2 Tb. In order to thank you for your support, ANNOROAD has just upgraded the cycle of its third-generation sequencing service and officially launched the third-generation sequencing product with a shorter cycle as short as 8 days! You no longer need to spend much time waiting for and worrying about the data.


Both sequencing cycle and quality can be guaranteed. Inquiries are welcomed.

Besides the arrival of new machines and the release of a shorter cycle, I will share another latest good news with you. Recently, the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control  released the latest “Catalogue of National Standard and Reference Material for In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents for Registration Inspection (Issue Seven)” and newly added “National reference material of haplotype structure variation for long-read sequencing” mainly for evaluating accuracy rate, specificity, repeatability, etc., of detecting structural variations by long-read and analog long-read sequencing. ANNOROAD had the honor to participate in this cooperation project with the government and to be listed as one of the cooperation units.


Since introducing the first batch of the third-generation Sequel II sequencing platforms this May, ANNOROAD has gathered rich experience in sequencing and data analysis; the quality of its experimental data has obtained an official accreditation certificate from PacBio; its project analysis achievements have been published in top-notch international academic journals, and its product services cover third-generation genome assembling, human re-sequencing, animal and plant re-sequencing, pan-genomes, full-length transcriptome, etc. In the future, ANNOROAD will continue to provide its users with the most superior services, remain to our original aspiration and move forward bravely!


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