Appeared Publicly at APSARA CONFERENCE Again | Find Much More Quickly with Containerization + UHybrid

The APSARA CONFERENCE was held in the Hangzhou-based CLOUD TOWN from September 25, 2019 to September 27, 2019. The CONFERENCE, with “Digitization · Intellectualization” as its theme and digital economy as its core topic, focused on showing developers overall breakthroughs in innovative technologies including cloud computing, big data, machine intelligence, 5G, etc., and their applications. ANNOROAD, as the only one partner engaging in genetics at this APSARA CONFERENCE held by Alibaba Cloud, appeared publicly at UPrivateCloud solution special session. It shared the good news that UHybrid in the genetics industry has helped automatic processing of super-large-scale working tasks and it has taken a leading position in the field of cloud computing, and achieved such achievements as assembling genomes within 1 day, delivering project data more than 100 TB within 1 day, accomplishing the task of analyzing 100 WESs within 1 day, accomplishing cluster environment deployment within 1 day, and accomplishing elastic expansion of 500 sets of computing nodes automatically within 1 minute to help customers obtain scientific research achievements much more quickly on site. Strongly positive responses were evoked on site.

1609140536292158.jpg Appeared Publicly at APSARA CONFERENCE

Due to the rapid development of the entire gene industry and explosive growth of biological data, all major computing centers are apparently facing such problems as business transfer, transformation, transmission and maintenance. Large-scale gene sequencing companies are also confronted with challenges in various aspects including storage, distribution, computing and security.

Containerization + UHybrid architecture cluster is a leading BIO + IT solution for solving such problems in the gene industry. UHybrid architecture can guarantee excellent expandability and reduce cluster management cost at the same time of utilizing original offline resources effectively. By virtue of cloud resources, even when  processing panel / whole exon variation detection and computing task on thousands, or even tens of thousands of samples simultaneously, it is possible to accomplish quickly under high concurrency and obtain cycle experience almost as quick as when analyzing only a couple of samples.

According to Li Zexin, a senior architect of ANNOROAD, besides shortening cycle through resources and hardware, containerization technology plus UHybrid is of tremendous significance to analytical process. Genetic computing process based on containerization technology has high portability, making it possible to be implemented to any UHybrid architecture easily and in parallel. As all computing procedures are accomplished in the container, which avoids the influences of environmental differences, resource waste and potential data security hazards, it is possible to run the same process in multiple places, and performing maintenance at one time and upgrading that in multiple places by one click. For companies with multiple center business, the advantages of container gene computing are very prominent, for example, significantly reducing maintenance difficulty and cost  and finally guarantee the quality, speed and security of data analysis for end users.


Li Zexin, a senior architect of ANNOROAD

Another advantage brought by containerization is as follows: for tasks run in the container, it is easy to separate each analysis module and reduce dependence on the catalogue. Regarding content and tasks requiring expansive analysis, modular process orchestration can be developed quickly, reduce workload required for upgrading process, and improve reusability of analysis content to guarantee that end users can obtain  customized analysis content that also has more potential.

At present, is able to perform containerized running of multiple business in UHybrid environment. With respect to re-sequencing, ANNOROAD provides Sentieon accelerating variation calling, whose speed exceeds that of ordinary GATK best practice[A1]  process by at least 20 times. In the most novel HiFi mode launched by the PacBio Company, a third-generation sequencing company, we can also provide variation calling application based on deep learning, which dramatically increases the accuracy of the originally inaccurate small-scale (<50 bp) InDel detection to 99.11% and keeps the accuracy of SNP detection at a super-high level (99.87%). Even for the most resource-consuming computations - genome assembling of third-generation sequencing, we can also provide containerized Canu, which shortens the cycle by more than 50%. Under the high concurrency state, it accomplishes the 42-hour-task for the original cluster in only 16 h.  

It is expected that will provide more reliable, more powerful, more secure and more customized analysis computing services with the assistance of containerization + UHybrid. Please look forward to it.

At present, has launched multiple domestic pioneering technologies, providing functions including cloud storage, cloud delivery, cloud computing, etc., and covers the entire process of genetic detection business. Recently, cooperated with Alibaba Cloud and jointly developed and launched WDL-Canu assembling service. By virtue of such a service, it is hopeful to accomplish super-large-scale genome assembling within one to two weeks. ANNOROAD, as a first-class genomics research center in Asia, will continue to promote the integration of upstream and downstream resources and increase its speed in becoming a leading ecological gene enterprise in the industry!


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