ANNOROAD Introduces 2 More Sets of PacBio Sequel II, Focusing on Forging a First-Class Third-Generation Sequencing Center in Asia

After introducing 2 sets of PacBio Sequel II sequencing platforms and becoming one of the first PacBio Sequel II sequencing service operators across the globe, ANNOROAD introduces 2 more sets of PacBio Sequel II sequencing platforms to satisfy the ever-increasing market for third-generation sequencing service and to facilitate the construction of an international-leading genome center. Through this practice, ANNOROAD will further strengthen its large-scale third-generation sequencing service capability across the globe, improve its service cycle and quality, provide its partners with more superior service experience and contribute essential tools for basic research development and achievement transformation in multiple fields of life science.


According to Li Zhimin, Chief Executive Officer of ANNOROAD, the third-generation sequencing technology is demonstrating tremendous potential in such fields as basic research and clinical application by virtue of its unique technical characteristics and advantages. ANNOROAD will continue to maintain in-depth strategic cooperation with PacBio Company and devote to forging the second-generation + third-generation genome databases unique to the Chinese population along with gene banks for agricultural germ-plasma resource. These two achievements jointly promote in-depth application of the third-generation sequencing in such fields as basic medical research, clinical transformation research, and agricultural molecular breeding.

"We are glad that ANNOROAD chooses to expand its investment in SMRT sequencing technology and increases its long sequence reading capability to a level exceeding terabyte each day. ANNOROAD, as a service supplier, has built a good reputation and has achieved great success through our new Sequel II systems. We are looking forward to seeing what achievements they can obtain in the future,” commented Dr. Michael Hunkapiller, Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Biosciences.


Through the multiple years of experience in the industry, ANNOROAD already possesses large-scale research and development and service capabilities, established the third-generation sequencing experimental service systems and mature biological information analysis systems, has reached cooperation with thousands of domestic and international scientific research institutions and has published several articles regarding cooperative projects. Its product services cover third-generation genome assembling, human re-sequencing, animal and plant re-sequencing, full-length transcriptome sequencing, etc. Recently, ANNOROAD has announced the initiation of ATCG (Annoroad Typical Chinese Genomes Database) Phase II plan, aiming to build the “second-generation + third-generation” genome database, one that’s unique to the Chinese population, helps to explore reliable variations unique to the Chinese population, and further promotes the application of third-generation sequencing in research on the health of the Chinese population.

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Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (NASDAQ stock code: PACB) provides sequencing systems to help scientists solve complicated genetic problems. Products of Pacific Biosciences are based on its novel SMRT® technology, capable of achieving the following functions: assembling de novo genomes and accomplish genomes to identify, annotating and decoding the structure of genomes much more comprehensively, making full-length transcript analysis to improve the annotations in the reference genomes, characterizing the splicing isomers in significant gene families and find new genes, applying to targeted sequencing to characterize genetic variations much more comprehensively, and detecting real-time dynamic information characterized by epigenomes directly. The technologies of Pacific Biosciences are with such characteristics as high precision, super-long sequence reading, uniform coverage, and detecting epigenetic changes simultaneously. PacBio® sequencing system (including consumables and softwares) provides a simple and quick end-to-end workflow for SMRT sequencing. For more information, please visit


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