The world's first high-throughput gene sequencer standard, co-written by Annoroad, was released

Recently, the world's first High-throughput Gene Sequencer Standard (standard No.: YY/T 1723-2020) was officially released. The standard was proposed by the National Medical Products Administration and was initiated by China Food and Drug Control Institute (the first drafting unit). Annoroad Gene Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Annoroad) was honored to be one of the units involved in writing the standard. The release of this standard reflects China’s foresight and advancement in the field of gene sequencing.


As the upstream link of the gene sequencing industry, sequencers are the foundations of various life science research and services. The standard stipulates the requirements, test methods, labels and operating instructions, packaging, transportation and storage of high-throughput sequencers. The release of the standard represents that the use of sequencers has been regularized and standardized, and the sequencing industry will gradually become mature. 

As one of the first batch of clinical application pilot units of high-throughput gene sequencing approved by the National Health Commission, Annoroad launched NextSeq 550AR and its supporting kits in 2017, which have been approved to market by CFDA. Based on the high-throughput sequencing platform, Annoroad successfully launched a number of excellent medical testing and scientific research services, including non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, chromosomal disease abnormal gene testing, single-cell sequencing, and third-generation sequencing. Annoroad is experienced in the field of high-throughput sequencing and is willing to share these experiences to help standardize the industry and contribute to the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry.


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