Annoroad was approved to start Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing in Beijing

Upon the approval of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Annoroad's Medical laboratory in Beijing has been included in the list of Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing units in Beijing.


As one of the first batch of clinical application pilot units of high-throughput gene sequencing approved by the National Health Commission, Annoroad focuses on the application of medical health and life science research and has successfully launched a series of excellent high-throughput sequencing medical testing and scientific research projects, including non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, chromosomal abnormality gene testing, blood disease gene testing, breast cancer gene testing, single-cell sequencing, HI-C sequencing, etc., and has been actively conducting the research and development of instrument reagents and consumables. Since NextSeq 550AR and its supporting kit were approved to market by CFDA in 2017, it has also successively developed IVD reagents and RUO reagents approved by domestic and foreign approval agencies, including the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit, which received high recognition from clinical and research clients.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Annoroad immediately set up a special team for pandemic support and opened a public welfare channel for sequencing and analyzing the Novel Coronavirus gene library. Annoroad hopes to utilize its leading second-generation and third-generation high-throughput sequencing platforms and its big data analysis platform to closely track possible genetic variations and viral adaptations and help the Novel Coronavirus research and vaccine development. Meanwhile, Annoroad quickly started the development of Novel Coronavirus detection kits. The R&D team not only referred to the Novel Coronavirus genome data published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but also simultaneously combined with the Novel Coronavirus genome data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States. With excellent sensitivity and accuracy, the kit has now obtained the access qualification to the EU.

As a Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing unit approved by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Annoroad will actively assist relevant departments in carrying out viral nucleic acid testing on target populations in the future and contribute to pandemic prevention and control.


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