Annoroad passed the CAP authoritative certification with

On 15 January 2020, Annoroad's affiliated medical laboratory, Beijing Annoroad Medical Laboratory, passed the on-site assessment by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The review expert, Dr. Jinjuan Yao, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the laboratory's quality management system and gave full recognition. This marks that Beijing Annoroad Medical Laboratory has officially entered the ranks of authoritative clinical laboratories conforming to international quality certification standards, that the standardization of laboratory testing has reached the international level, and that the testing reports issued have global mutual recognition and international credibility.



On the day of review, Dr. Jinjuan Yao inspected the laboratory site in detail, reviewed the whole process of sample testing and personnel training, laboratory facilities and equipment management, reagents and consumables management, testing method performance verification, laboratory environmental safety, quality assurance, report management, etc., and conducted a comprehensive and detailed review of the laboratory.


After the review, Dr. Jinjuan Yao fully recognized all aspects of the work of Beijing Annoroad Medical Laboratory, highly praised the management level, and announced that Beijing Annoroad Medical Laboratory passed the on-site review of CAP certification with "zero defect", which fully proved the high-quality testing level and quality management ability of Beijing Annoroad Medical laboratory. 


CAP certification has been committed to the standardization and continuous improvement of clinical laboratory work and is currently recognized internationally as a leader in laboratory quality assurance and an authoritative organization of laboratory governance and certification. CAP certification is a comprehensive recognition of the technical management level of laboratories. Once a laboratory has passed the CAP certification, it means that its laboratory quality and management have reached the international top level and won the recognition of relevant international organizations.

In the future, Annoroad will abide by its original aspirations, uphold the concept of "improving the quality of life with technology and innovation", and standardize the testing of each sample with high standards and strict requirements. It will comply with the industry standards and norms, and make continuous improvement and innovation while operating stably to constantly make positive contributions to the development of gene diagnosis and treatment!


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