Good News! AnnoroadWon "the Most Valuable Investment Health Care Enterprise"

On April 18th-20th, China’s medical industry’s most influential industry and investment conference – “2018CHC · CITIC Securities Medical Health Conference and the 7th China Healthcare Industry Investment and M&A CEO Summit” was held in Shanghai. Annoroad was invited to attend and was awarded the “Most Valuable Investment Health Care Enterprise in 2017” for its steady development in the medical and health field, strong brand influence and good future development prospects.


The “Medical Health Industry Investment Honor Awards Reception” was highly regarded by the participants and the investment community. Annoroad was named “the Most Valuable Investment Health Care Enterprise in 2017”, which reflects the high evaluation of Annoroad’s development in the healthcare industry and capital markets.

As a well-known enterprise in the clinical transformation application of high-throughput gene sequencing technology, Annoroad has been focusing on the industrial application of genomics technology in human medical health and life science research since its establishment. Currently, it covers multiple business directions such as sequencer equipment, reproduction, genetic diseases, tumors, genetic examination, medical research, scientific research services, and genomic big data; and cooperates with Illumina in the United States to produce the most advanced desktop high-throughput sequencer NextSeq 550AR; Together with Alibaba Cloud, the world’s leading big data service provider, to establish a biological cloud computing big data platform, Solargenomics (, to form a complete system covering the entire industry chain of gene test. Recently, it has cooperated with PacBio, a third-generation sequencing supplier, to build a first-class international genome center in Asia. Annoroad has won the following honors: “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”, “2013 Zhongguancun Top Ten Innovation Achievements”, “2015 Zhongguancun High-growth Enterprise TOP100”, “Zhongguancun Top Ten Enterprises”, 2016 “Deloitte-Yizhuang High-Tech Growth Top 20” the first batch of G20 Enterprise during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the top 20 of China’s “Internet +” innovation 300 companies, “China’s startup new seedling list 100”, “Tomorrow Unicorn Enterprise”, “Future Medical Top 100”, “the Most Valuable Investment Health Care Enterprise in 2017” etc. The acquisition of this series of honors reflects the unanimous recognition of Annoroad by industry and society.


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