Witness of Strength! Annoroad Has Passed the EMQN with Full Marks!

Recently, Annoroad passed the EMQN's Breast / Ovarian Cancer, familial (Full version) assessment with full marks. Annoroad proved that its standardization and accuracy of every link are in the international advanced levelfrom gene test to clinical.


This EQA has a total of 201 laboratories from 34 countries (actual participation: 149 BRCA-FULL; 50 BRCA-GENO). The BRCA1/BRCA2 gene germline mutations of the three samples were tested separately. This time, Annoroad participated in the BRA (Full scheme) EQA project. The project is an EQA project conducted by EMQN to assess the ability of global genetic diagnostic laboratories to test and interpret BRCA gene mutations. The assessment of the project involved three indicators: Genotyping, Interpretation, Patient Identifiers & Clerical Accuracy. The Annoroad scores were all 2.00 points (Maximum score is 2.00) and higher than the global average score. This reflects the superior technical strength of Annoroad in gene mutation test, clinical genetic interpretation analysis, and clinical reporting nstandardization.


Since its establishment, based on high-throughput sequencing platforms, Annoroad has shown strong technical advantages in the fields of reproductive, oncology and other related clinical tests. Annoroad has passed the domestic and international EQA with full marks for many times. Annoroad passed the EQA of EMQN with full marks, which fully demonstrates that Annoroad’s comprehensive strength in sample management, process control and quality supervision has been in the leading level of the industry. In the future, Annoroad will continue to adhere to the philosophy of “genetic technology makes life bloom”. As always, we strictly control all aspects of testing and testing, and standardize every test result with high standards and help the clinical gene diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


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