Opening! The South Center of Annoroad Officially Put into Operation

Congratulations on the official operation of the South Center of Annoroad.

On September 28, 2018, the opening ceremony of Zhejiang Annoroad Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, which marks the official opening of the South Center of Annoroad. Lin Yi, member of the Standing Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province, secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, deputy mayor of Jinhua City, acting mayor, Wang Jian, member of the Party Committee of Jinhua Health and Family Planning Commission, Deputy Director Zhu Xiulin, Organization Director Lu Pinneng, Deputy Mayor of Yiwu Shi Wenzhen, Xiang Mingsheng, member of the Standing Committee of Yiwu Municipal Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Annoroad CEO Li Dawei, President Chen Chongjian, Vice President Wang Hailiang, Vice President Xuan Zhaoling, Xiao Fei, Director of the President Office, Yang Lumin, General Manager of the South Center, and other guests attended the ceremony and witnessed the historic moment of the establishment of the South Center.



The opening ceremony was presided over by Deputy Mayor Shi Wenzhen, and the secretary Xiang Mingsheng gave an opening speech. Secretary Xiang Mingsheng first congratulated the official operation of South Center of Annoroad, and sincerely hopes that the South Center of Annoroad will have a radiation effect in Yiwu, actively play a leading role in demonstration, promote the development of the entire industry, and make important contributions to the development of Yiwu biomedical industry. At the same time, Secretary Xiang Mingsheng emphasized that Annoroad will be in Yiwu and will show the diversified development direction of Yiwu to China and the world. Finally, welcome and encourage companies like Annoroad to come to Yiwu to explore more development opportunities.


Subsequently, President of Annoroad Chen Chongjian sincerely thanked the people from all walks of life in their busy schedule to attend this celebration and witness Annoroad to start a new journey in this fertile soil in Yiwu on behalf of all Annoroad people. President Chen Chongjian expressed his sincere gratitude to the Yiwu Municipal Government and the Development Zone Management Committee for their strong support in the preparation and establishment of the South Center of Annoroad. He also said that Annoroad has completed the layout of the entire industrial chain, and the “one south, one north, two centers” have begun to take shape with the completion of Zhejiang Annoroad. 



At 9:10 in the morning, Lin Yi, member of the Standing Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee, Yiwu Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, Acting Mayor of Yiwu, Wang Jian, CEO of Annoroad, Li Dawei, and President Chen Chongjian, jointly launched the starting ball, opening the South Center of Annoroad officially. The applause was thunderous and the atmosphere was warm. After the launch ceremony, Lin Yi, Wang Jian, other leaders and other guests listened to the South Center of Annoroad project report by Annoroad President Office Director, Xiao Fei and visited genentech exhibition hall and laboratory accompanied by CEO Li Dawei and President Chen Chongjian.


According to the introduction of relevant person in charge, the South Center of Annoroad has deployed a number of high-performance, high-throughput sequencing platforms including the second-generation sequencer NovaSeq 6000 and the third-generation sequencer Pacbio Sequel. The Life Science Research Institute of South Center of Annoroad was officially approved and established in July.

As the South Center of Annoroad, it will rely on the core advantages of Annoroad Beijing headquarters in the upstream, midstream and downstream resource of genetic sequencing industry chain, to build the genetic technology ecosystem, include Medical Test Center, Science and Technology Service Center, Gene Health Center, instrument reagent manufacturing center and Life Sciences Institute.


The Annoroad South Center project has been in preparation since the end of 2016 and has been highly valued by the Yiwu Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and the Management Committee of the Development Zone. The relevant leaders of Yiwu City visited and inspected Annoroad several times and gave high praise to the business operation and management team of Annoroad. After full communication, in May 2017, Annoroad and Yiwu signed a cooperation agreement officially. After more than a year of preparations, the South Center of Annoroad was put into operation in July this year officially. At the same time, the Annoroad Life Science Research Institute was also established officially. The opening of the South Center of Annoroad will promote the gathering and rapid development of Yiwu’s upstream and downstream industries, which will help Yiwu’s industrial structure to be transformed and upgraded. The South Center itself is also expected to become a new symbol of Yiwu.


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