Annoroad Was Selected Into First National Demonstration Centers of Gene Detection Technology by NDRC

Recently, formally approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, Annoroad Gene Technology was selected into the first "National Demonstration Centers of Gene Detection Technology", proving that Annoroad was once again recognized by the country, and it will continue to play a leading role in genomics industrial applications. 

During the period of the "13th Five Year Plan", the country will develop gene technology innovation as the bio-pharmaceutical industry's core mission and an important measure of health, and include the construction of "gene detection technology demonstration centers" into major projects key support package in emerging industries. Its overall goal is to support the organization with core technology, innovation and relevant qualifications, take network layout, and construct 30 "gene detection technology demonstration centers" so as to raise prevention and treatment level of birth defect diseases, genetic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and other major diseases, vigorously develop gene detection technology, and lead the industrialization of major innovations. Therefore, NDRC commission experts carried out a rigorous assessment, and finally approved the first national demonstration centers of gene detection technology, including Annoroad.

Since its inception, Annoroad carries out a series of fruitful work in the field of scientific research and clinical application of genomics. In the field of reproductive health, noninvasive prenatal detection of DNA and chromosome anomaly detection products have been promoted in the cooperated domestic hospitals. In 2015, a optimized analytical method aiming to reduce the false positive rate of non-invasive prenatal DNA testing (NIPT) was developed by Annoroad independently, and its results were published in Scientific Reports, subordinate to Nature. In the same year, combined with China Health Promotion Foundation, Annoroad launched "Genetic Screening Issues of Population at High Risk of Breast Cancer" firstly in China. In January 2016, a cooperative research paper between Annoroad and The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, namely, a paper related to accurate classification of Leukemia, was published in the journal of Oncotarget. In addition, Annoroad has also made a major breakthrough in the field of single-cell sequencing, three-dimensional genome and others, and the relevant results were published on Science, Genome Biology and other high-level journals. Annoroad also reached a strategic cooperation with Illumina and AliCloud to further enhance Bio-IT industrialization service capabilities of Annoroad, and accelerate the global strategic layout of Annoroad’s precision medicine.

After being selected into the first national demonstration centers of gene detection technology, Annoroad will continue to make use of technology and platform advantages, enhance genomics competitiveness in clinical sequencing, while promoting the implementation of domestic precision medicine plan and benefiting people by use of gene detection.


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