BMC Plant Biology: Annoroad and University of Hainan Jointly Researching Internal Molecular Mechanism of Coconut Development

Recently, Annoroad, along with University of Hainan, made significant headway in the coconut transcriptome research. Relevant research results have been published in BMC Plant Biology. This article, with systematic and all-round data, demonstrates different phase-specific expressed genes, which fill in gaps in the gene regulation during current coconut development.

Coconut is an important commercial crop in the subtropical zone. The coconut is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, amino acid, compound polysaccharide and multiple Vitamins, with significant economic value. But current researches into physiological mechanism and molecular regulation of the coconut development are relatively rare, and related genes are hardly understood, which become the insurmountable obstacle for the coconut’s molecular research and genetic improvement.

Professor of University of Hainan Bioengineering Institute Li Dongdong has been committed to the gene research related to the coconut development, with profound scientific research experience. Annoroad, along with his team, selected 3 different coconut development stages, built 4 SSHs (Suppression Subtractive Hybridization) library, performed KEGG information analysis and TR-PCR verification of gene expression quantity after sequencing, and analyzed the metabolite with gas chromatography-spectrum. Data analysis results show that the coconut development involves 32 continuous high expression genes, 7 low expression genes, and a large number of genes related to fatty acid, carbohydrate and secondary metabolite.

Liu Tao, Annoroad’s biological information analysis engineer indicated that, these detailed data preliminarily constructed the gene function and metabolic regulation network of the coconut development, and filled in gaps in the genomics research of current coconut development, which is of great significance for the coconut’s in-depth molecular mechanism and genetic improvement.

GENOME, as Annoroad’s registered brand, has industrially-leading Illumina sequencing platform and excellent high-performance computing platform, an efficient biological information analysis talent team and strict data quality control system. GENOME is a leader in the industry. In cooperation with some universities, hospitals and research institutes, GENOME has provided our scientific research partners with efficient, all-round, powerful research programs in multiple omics levels (including genome, transcriptome and metagenome). Such cooperative result is a real reflection of focusing on genomics technology and serving life science research. 



Yuanxue Liang, Tao Liu, Dongdong Li, et. al. Identification and computational annotation of genes differentially expressed in pulp development of Cocos nucifera L. by suppression subtractive hybridization. BMC Plant Biology 2014, 14:205

The Leaders of the Organization Department of Yiwu Visited the South Center of Annoroad

On the afternoon of October 11, 2018, the 9th “Working Forum” of Yiwu City was held in Gaochuang Park of Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone. Jia Yiming, deputy director of the Organization Department of Yiwu Municipal Committee, led all the cadres of the organization department, the recruiting bureau, the large research office, and the organizers of the towns and towns to visit the Annoroad gene test complex project, and listened to the gene test science popularization lecture. Xiang Mingsheng, secretary and director of the Party Working Committee of the Administrative Committee of Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wang Wei, member of the Party Working Committee, deputy director, Li Dongjun, the office manager of Annoroad accompanied the visit.

Deputy Minister Jia Yiming and others first visited the Gene Science and Technology Exhibition Hall on the first floor of the South Centre of Annoroad. By watching the basics of gene test and introducing professional videos, and the professional explanations of the staff of Annoroad, visitors have a certain understanding of the knowledge of the gene test industry and the development of the industry.


The visitors then visited the fourth-floor technology service platform and the third-floor medical test center of the Annoroad Gene Test Complex.



After the visit, Li Dongjun, the manager of the office of Annoroad, brought a scientific lecture on gene test. At the meeting, everyone actively participated in the interaction and expressed great interest and recognition for the gene test industry and Annoroad.



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