Good News! ! Annoroad Won the “2018 China Best Employer of the Year” Nomination

In January 2019, Zhaopin and the Peking University Center for Social Research jointly launched the “China’s Best Employer of the Year” selection campaign. With the theme of “super intelligent field • creating the future”, this selection puts forward the methodology of employment relationship management in the intelligent age, and rewards the pioneers who lead the trend. Annoroad Gene Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. stood out from more than 10,000 companies and won the “2018 China Best Employer of the Year” nomination.


This award reflects the employees’ trust and expectation of Annoroad. In 2019, Annoroad will continue to remember the initial intentions and promises, and create a good working atmosphere, which is enterprise platform, staff personalized, so as to release the employees’ potential and vitality in the biological field. Annoroad has everything what Anno employees want.


Development Platform

“One South, one North, Double Center”

Beijing &Yiwu, Zhejiang

National High-Tech Enterprise

A well-known enterprise in China’s genome industry

Asia’s leading genomics center

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

Cooperative organizations all over the world

41,000 square meters of experiment and office space



Superior Culture


Improving the quality of life with science and innovation


Based on life science research and industrial transformation, we will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services, and become an outstanding enterprise in the global medical and big health field

Core Values

Customer first, innovative and efficient, responsible and cooperative, self-transcending

People Oriented

Create an incentive policy for employees and enterprises to grow and develop together

Create a fair, positive and hardworking atmosphere.


Salary and Benefits

Seven kinds of insurance + housing provident fund & enjoyable holiday

Age bonus & group activities

Performance incentives & multiple allowances

Health checkup & birthday care



In the future, with the continuous development, accumulation and growth of the company, Annoroad will devote to provide employees with a better career platform, and constantly improve the company’s talent attraction, talent development, talent incentives and talent happiness mechanism, so that employeescan realize their own career development and dreams in Annoroad Gene Technology’s platform, so as to achieve the common growth and development of the company and employees.



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