At the Beginning of the New Year, the Leaders of Jinhua and Yiwu Authorities at All Levels Visited the South Center of Annoroad Successively

At the first week of the New Year, the leaders of Jinhua and Yiwu authorities at all levels visited the South Center of Annoroad successively. On February 13th, accompanied by Wang Honghua, member of the Party Working Committee of Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and deputy director, Fang Honghai, director of Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau, Li Zhan, deputy director of Yiwu Science and Technology Bureau, and Zhu Qimin, member of party group, came to South Center of Annoroad for inspection. On February 15th, Zhao Jianming, director of Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Chen Yuanwang, deputy section chief of Yiwu Municipal People’s Bureau, and Director Luo Xuwei of Yiwu Human Resources Industrial Park, etc. came to the South Center of Annoroad to “send the policy, listen to the voice and solve the problems”. The general manager of South Center of Annoroad, Yang Lumin, gave a warm reception and introduced the operation situation of South Center of Annoroad to the leaders in detail.



Director Fang Honghai first visited the Gene Science and Technology Exhibition Hall and Experimental Platform of the South Center of Annoroad. Under the introduction of Annoroad staff and the friendly communication with General Manager Yang Lumin, Director Fang Honghai has a comprehensive understanding of Annoroad’s development history, business layout and future development of the genetic industry. Director Fang Honghai recognized and praised the development and achievements of Annoroad in recent years, and gave guidance in the collection of R&D funds and the declaration of national high-tech enterprises, encouraging the company to make persistent efforts, focusing on R&D investment and increasing R&D strength.

Zhao Jianming, director of the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and other leaders also came to visit our company and had a symposium with us. During the visit, Director Zhao Jianming spoke highly of the high-level talent quality, scale strength and development prospects of Annoroad. At the symposium, the leaders interpreted the Yiwu talent subsidy policy, listened to the company’s voice, understood the company’s needs, and responded to questions asked by colleagues in the Human Resources Department.



Since the establishment of the company, Annoroad has got the following qualifications and honors: NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) first batch of Genetic Test Technology Application Demonstration Center, National High-tech Enterprise, the first Beijing Biomedical Industry Leap-forward Development Project (G20 Project) during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s most investment-worthy company, 2016 China’s most technologically advanced company. In addition, Annoroad has a postdoctoral programme. The acquisition of these qualifications and honors fully reflects the overall strength of Annoroad in technological innovation and technology R&D.


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