Annoroad Was Approved to Establish Sub-station of Post-doctoral Research Station

Recently, Annoroad Gene Technology was approved to establish sub-station of Post-doctoral Research Station to carry out post-doctoral research related work. The development zone will provide research funding of RMB100, 000 to each incoming post-doctoral researcher, and provide not exceeding RMB500, 000 to the corporate with joint training base each year.

Post-doctoral Research Station refers to a organization approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and the Provincial Office of Personnel,established in institutions with certain conditions, and advanced economies, where post-doctoral research station and post-doctoral researchers can focus on technological innovation, joint scientific research, technology development and transformation. Post-doctoral research station put up a bridge for China's high-tech talent and business, and develop the road to combine industry, academia and research innovation.

The approved sub-station of Post-doctoral Research Station means that the country recognizes Annoroad’s technology research and development capabilities, the level of scientific research platform and operating conditions, which is conducive to the introduction of the company's high-end talent, but also will further enhance the core competitiveness of Annoroad in the field of genomics. Currently, Annoroad has the conditions to carry out post-doctoral research work and has already prepared for recruiting post-doctoral researchers.



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