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Good News! Annoroad's Another Patent Is Authorized!

Annoroad 2018-03-23

The application for the patent for invention, The Kit and Device for Testing Chromosome Aneuploidy, made by Annoroad Gene Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, has been officially approved and authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of China recently.


Highlight: The Kit and Device for Testing Chromosome Aneuploidy

The testing technology for fetus chromosome aneuploidy refers to testing and analyzing the free DNA in the peripheral blood of pregnant women by using a new generation of high throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis methods. Among the numerous algorithms for testing fetus chromosome aneuploidy, although an extremely low error rate has been reached, the risks of misjudgment still remain. As a result, it is necessary to improve existing testing devices and reagents so as to lower the error rate to the greatest extent.

In view of this, the R & D team of Annoroad invented the “Kit and Device for Testing Chromosome Aneuploidy”, which can avoid interferences of pregnant women’s copy number abnormities on testing results. As a result, the accuracy of such tests can be greatly improved and the invention is suitable for large-scale uses.

According to the 19th NPC of China, innovation is the primary driving force for development. “Innovation” was still a hot topic on the recent “NPC and CPPCC” as well. Since its establishment in 2012, Annoroad has been attaching great importance to independent innovation and technical research and development. It has obtained more than 80 national-level intellectual property authorizations so far. These achievements are not only the driving force for the future development of the company but also the manifestation of Annoroad for adhering to its independent innovations.


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