Another batch of NovaSeq sequencing platforms lands on Annoroad to assist with the construction of large-scale cloud sequencing platform

Following Illumina’s latest high-throughput sequencing platform NovaSeq 6000 landed on Annoroad, recently Annoroad welcomes another batch of NovaSeq 6000 sequencing platforms. As the latest sequencing platform of Illumina, NovaSeq 6000 is scalable throughput and flexibility for virtually any genome, sequencing method, and scale of project. Through the introduction of NovaSeq 6000, Annoroad greatly expands its existing high-throughput sequencing platform, improves its big data and large-scale sample sequencing and analysis service capability.


NovaSeq 6000.jpg

Figure 1 NovaSeq 6000


Figure 2 A Comprehensive Sequencing Platform

In order to make full use of the efficient high-throughput sequencing platforms such as NovaSeq 6000 and HiSeq X Ten, in the fourth quarter of 2017 Annoroad grandly introduced the comprehensive automated library preparation and analysis platform, covering the whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing and transcriptome sequencing services and shortening the project cycle, ushering in the high-throughput sequencing service top-speed era. (Breaking news: 13 days! Annoroad initiates the database building and sequencing top-speed era).

At present, Annoroad has formed a complete set of efficient operation process for the large-scale sample sequencing and analysis.


Figure 3 Integrated Library Preparation and Sequencing Analysis Process

The comprehensive high-throughput sequencing platform and automated library preparation and analysis platform demonstrate Annoroad is well-prepared for big data and large-scale sample sequencing, efficiently assisting with scientific research, providing newer, faster and more comprehensive platform support for genome research and meeting the different needs of researchers for various scientific studies and applications.


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