Another National Initiative -- SolarGenomics Opens Up the Massive Gene Data Analysis

Analysis of gene data is a necessary step for performing life science research and making medical detection conclusion. The introduction of script starts automatic dataflow language. So far, many platforms have developed their own editing process language. However, various reasons such as variable data types, numerous analysis tools, complicated execution flows, and different operating environment make the maintenance of each platform and flow sharing and transfer between platforms very difficult. 

CWL/WDL is a standard specification for solving this difficulty. CWL/WDL has used by numerous international top-grade research institutes such as Seven Bridges and Broad Institute, but it has not been widely acknowledged or supported by platforms in China. SolarGenomics has accumulated strength and stood out from numerous domestic cloud platforms after continuous R&D and tests. It becomes the first platform in China that supports CWL/WDL so that standardization of analysis flow description language, pioneering in cloud platform technology in China.  

1. What on earth is CWL/WDL? 

CWL (Common Workflow Language) is a specification for describing analysis workflows and tools in a way that makes them portable and scalable across a variety of software and hardware environments, from workstations to cluster, cloud, and high performance computing (HPC) environments. Currently it is widely used.


WDL (Workflow Description Language) is a set of standard description language and system. It can define and develop gene data analysis workflows in a standard way, making it convenient for developers to debug, maintain, and reuse the workflows. It supports cross-platform development and transfer of analysis workflows. 

In layman's terms, in gene data analysis process, it plays the role of unifying all analysis workflow description languages so as to make all the gene data analysis platforms all over the world easy to maintain and at the same time improve the portability. 

2. Let's give an example

A developer of a certain computing platform wrote an analysis flow under the platform.

But after some time, he wanted to transfer the analysis flow

To Seven Bridges/ SolarGenomics/DNAnexus …

Oh, oh,

By this time, the developer needs to modify this flow according to the above three flow specifications.


if the developer wrote the analysis flow according to CWL standards,

then this flow can respectively run properly on Seven Bridges/ SolarGenomics/DNAnexus,

without making any modifications,

because Seven Bridges, SolarGenomics, and DNAnexus all support CWL. 

3. Advantages of SolarGenomics' Supporting CWL/WDL


1)        SolarGenomics is geared to international standards, realizes the smooth cross-platform transfer of the analysis flow, integrates the analysis flows all over the world that support CWL/WDL, and enables users to share more and better analysis flows both at home and abroad!

2)        SolarGenomics provides developers with a standard development platform, promotes more excellent analysis flows to come online and get widely used, and creates greater value.


SolarGenomics not only makes massive gene data analysis simpler, but also provides users with world-leading analysis flows. Looking back upon the history of SolarGenomics, every step of SolarGenomics’advancement cannot go without the partners’ support. SolarGenomics team will continue to forge ahead on the way to opening up domestic gene cloud computing. 


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