【Good News】 Dr. Chen Chongjian of Annoroad Wins the ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award’

In the historical background of ‘mass entrepreneurship and innovation’, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the Human Resources and Social Security Ministry jointly carried out the 9th ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award’ Selection and Commendation Activity for the purpose of honoring models of youth entrepreneurship, passing on and promoting struggling spirit of the youth, propelling the development of excellent environment where youth entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported, and guiding the youth to strengthen the idea of innovation, enhance their awareness of entrepreneurship, and devote themselves to entrepreneurial practice. Finally, after a series of competitions, 65 excellent young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in China won this honor. Dr. Chen Chongjian, CEO and President of Annoroad, and other young entrepreneurs, 20 persons in total, won the ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award -- Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award’. In addition, 45 other young entrepreneurs were honored with ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award -- Entrepreneurship New Star Award’. 

The 65 young entrepreneurs commended this time come from all over the country. They are entrepreneurship elite and innovative pioneers from all walks of life.  Dr. Chen Chongjian, CEO and President of Annoroad, was honored with the ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award -- Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award’, which shows that Dr. Chen Chongjian’s personal ideal, belief, entrepreneurship, and quality are highly recognized by all walks of life and that Annoroad’s five-year growth is highly appreciated.  Dr. Chen Chongjian also hopes that more young people will thrust themselves vigorously into the tide of the times of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation and that everyone will devote their strength to promoting the innovative development of our country’s technology and industry. 


Dr. Chen Chongjian: Researcher, expert specially invited by Beijing, visiting professor of Huazhong Agricultural University. He majored in biochemistry and minored in the computer science. He obtained the doctorates from Sun Yat-Sen University and University of Paris XI, and then completed his post-doctor research in Institute Curie in France. Now, he acts as director of Beijing Precision Medicine and Genetics Lab and vice chairman of Precision Medicine Society of Hematology. He was successively rated as ‘the sea poly project of Beijing overseas talent’, ‘Dr. Chen Chongjian, CEO of Annoroad Was Awarded As ‘Top 10 Overseas Returnees Star of Zhongguancun’, ‘Leading Talent of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone’, ‘the Overseas High-level Talent of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone’, ‘Excellent Young Talent of Beijing of the 8th Session’, ‘2015-2016 Outstanding Pioneering Enterprenuer’,   and is the winner of ‘Capital Labor Medal’, ‘the 31st Session Beijing Youth May 4th Medal’, and ‘China Youth Entrepreneurship Award -- Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award’. He has had 19 academic papers published in international journals such as Nature, Science, Elife, Developmental Cell, Genome Biology, and Bioinformatics. 


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