Annoroad Appears at 2017 Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, Demonstrating the Charm of Genetic Technology

The 2017 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation activity week themed ‘Promoting upgrade by mass entrepreneurship and innovation to develop new energy’, which gathers innovating force and demonstrates entrepreneurship energy, was synchronously held in Shanghai main venue, Beijing venue, and parallel sessions all over the country from September 15 to September 21, demonstrating the latest achievements in the development of mass entrepreneurship and innovation over a year. Annoroad, as China's high-tech enterprise, one of the first genetic testing technology application demonstration centers approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and one of ‘China’s 30 Most Technologically-leading Enterprises’, participated in this grand meeting, and showcased the latest progress and latest achievements that the company has made in technical innovation and business development in Beijing venue located in the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone  Exhibition Center and Yizhuang Branch Venue located in Economic and Technological Development Zone. 


Dr. Lou Feng, Chief Executive Officer of Annoroad, introduced the leaders and audience attending the activity in Yizhuang Branch Venue to Annoroad’s non-invasive prenatal DNA testing, single cell sequencing technology, 3D genome sequencing technology, NextSeq550AR high-throughput sequencer and Annoroad Cloud, and was interviewed on site by the media.  

Since its establishment, Annoroad has adhered to the concept of ‘promoting life value through genetic technology’, kept a foothold on science and technology for the people, and kept on leading innovation. So far, Annoroad has developed the whole industry chain layout covering instrument and reagent manufacturing, medical detection service, technical support service, and big data service. In the future, Annoroad will continue to develop an industry-leading eco-enterprise by following the idea of ‘big manufacturing, big science, big resources, big service, and massive health’. 


During the mass entrepreneurship and innovation activity week, Dr. Chen Chongjian, CEO and President of Annoroad, won the China Youth Entrepreneurship Award -- Entrepreneurship Pioneer Award’ granted by the by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the Human Resources and Social Security Ministry, which fully shows the high recognition of Annoroad’s innovative development by all walks of life. (For details, please click here) 

Star products of Annoroad appearing at the mass entrepreneurship and innovation activity week:NextSeq 550AR Sequencer 

NextSeq 550AR gene sequencer (CFDA No.: 20173400330) is a new generation of desktop high-throughput NGS instrument jointly developed by Annoroad and Illumina Corporation of the United States. It is researched and developed by Annoroad in China. The instrument is also the most advanced model of the world clinical gene sequencer. It has numerous advantages such as high throughput, great speed, accurate data, stable performance, and easy operation. Compared with the equipment commercially available so far, it has significant leading edge in data quality, stability, and batch sample processing capacity. Meanwhile, NextSeq 550AR has strong clinical and academic application scalability, and the kits development and registration of PGS, liquid biopsy, FFPE sequencing, genetic disease detection can be implemented on this sequencing platform. In addition, it can meet the requirements of scientific sequencings such as single-cell sequencing and Hi-C sequencing. 


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