Annoroad and Illumina Jointly Released New Products on World Down's Syndrome Day

On March 21, 2017, Annoroad held a new product conference in Beijing, official launched new desktop NGS instrument NextSeq 550AR (CFDA No.:20173400330), which was recently approved by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). March 21 was also the World Down's Syndrome Day, in this special day, based on NextSeq 550AR sequencing platform, Annoroad also released fetal chromosome aneuploidy (T21, T18, T13) detection kit (reversible end termination sequencing method) (CFDA No.: 20173400331). John Canon Seaton, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, Illumina; Susan Tousi, Senior Vice President, Product Development; Jeff Hawkins, Vice President, Reproductive and Genetic Health; Dr. Chen Zhongjian, Chief Executive Officer and President of Annoroad; Dr. Liang Junbin, Chief Executive Officer; Professor Yang Huixia, Director of Peking University First Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vice Chairman of Chinese Medical Association Perinatal Medicine Branch Maternal and Child Medicine Branch and more than 200 of other clinical experts, pregnant women representatives, media and other representatives attended the conference, and witnessed this bright event.



Opening ceremony


Dr. Chen Chongjian, CEO of Annoroad showed the development of Annoroad in five years since the growth process at the press conference, as one of China's first NIPT technology enterprises carrying out the clinical application, Annoroad  promoted and witnessed rapid development and clinical popularity of the technology. Annoroad has always maintained a perseverance to promote China's precision medical career. This time, the release of NextSeq 550AR represents that Annoroad has completed the layout of the entire industry chain, which runs through upstream (instruments, manufacturing of kits), midstream (sequencing centers and cloud storage platforms), as well as downstream (medical and scientific research services).



Dr. Chen Chongjian, Chief Executive Officer and President of Annoroad


Jonathan Seaton, Senior Vice President, Illumina, an important strategic partner of Arnold, said: "Annoroad is our key partner in China and we are very pleased to witness NextSeq 550AR for CFDA approval and wish Illumina and Annoroad can work together to better serve the Chinese clinical market in future.” Then, Jeff Hawkins, Vice President of Reproductive and Genetic Health, Illumina, came to the stage and delivered a speech to the guests to showcase a wide range of applications of the new generation of sequencing platform, development direction of future clinical service, and Illumina's expectations and vision.



Jonathan Seaton, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, Illumina



Jeff Hawkins, Vice President of Reproductive and Genetic Health Department, Illumina


At the conference site, Annoroad also invited Professor Yang Huixia, Director of Peking University First Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vice Chairman of Chinese Medical Association Perinatal Medicine Branch Maternal and Child Medicine Branch, and her clinical team of experts and representatives of pregnant women to share NIPT in clinical applications. Professor Yang suggested that NGS is suitable for a new generation of clinical needs of precision technology, NextSeq 550AR gene sequencer launched by Annoroad provides a high-throughput, fast and accurate integrated sequencing platform, which can better promote level 3 prevention and control testing on China's birth defects, and contribute to reducing the cause of birth defects.



Professor Yang Huixia, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, 

Peking University First Hospital


NextSeq 550AR gene sequencer is a new generation of desktop NGS instrument developed by Annoroad and Illumina Corporation of the United States. It is researched and developed by Annoroad in China. The instrument utilizes Illumina's newly developed dual-channel "SBS" technology and the classic "reversible end terminator" patent technology, while reflecting excellent technical accumulation in clinical transformation and a deep understanding of domestic clinical habits of Annoroad, with high flux, fast, accurate data, stable performance, simple operation and many other advantages. At the same time, NextSeq 550AR has a strong clinical and academic application of scalability, and the kits development and registration of PGS, liquid biopsy, FFPE sequencing, genetic disease detection and so on can be implemented on the sequencing platform, and it is bound to provide more advanced and more diversified solutions for the clinical application market.


The NextSeq 550AR and its kits have been certified by CFDA, marking a new milestone in the field of precision medical technology, which will certainly make an important contribution to the health and well-being of the Chinese people.




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