Based on Annoroad’s many years of professional experience in NGS applications, Solargenomics was releasedd. It is an NGS big data storage management and analysis platform,based on cloud computing and big data technology. Annoroad cooperates with the well-known cloud service provider- AliCloud to provide one-stop genomic big data cloud service with safety, on-demand billing, simpleness and efficiency, professional analysis and accurate interpretation for NGS applications.

More faster and safer by using cloud delivery, cloud storage, cloud analysis.


Solargenomics Ecology

Solargenomics Ecology is a one-stop data service ecosystem from sample delivery to report issuance. It is an intelligent cloud ecosystem that integrates data acquisition, data management, data analysis, data interpretation and data application.

Genome database

Annoroad is devote to build the Chinese own genome database - Annoroad Typical Chinese Genomes.

Using the ATCG database to filter the mutation loci, we can deeply study the unique and

reliable mutations in the Chinese population, reveal the genetic mutation rules of the

Chinese population, and provide an important basis for the study of various types of diseases.

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