SolarGenomics introduction

In order to achieve such processing speed and capability, Anovo Cloud pioneered a

number of leading technologies for CPU, memory, and data analysis tasks.Storage is

monitored and controlled in real-time, providing source power for calculations as needed.

At the same time, using a multi-level scheduling mechanism to allow large-scale.

At present, these contents have been fully deployed to our scientific research units and

corporate customer services. Please come and experience our experience right away.


SolarGenomics ecological

Solomon's cloud ecological general-secretary cloud is aimed at data from a sample to inspection report issued by the "one-stop" work style service of ecological system, is a collection of data acquisition, data management, data analysis, data interpretation to the application of intelligent cloud ecosystem.

Genome Database

The Genome Database (GDB) stores and processes genomic map data for the Human

Genome Project (HGP). The goal of GDB is to build an encyclopedia on the human

genome. In addition to constructing a genomic map, GDB has developed methods

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