NextSeq 550AR Sequencer

NextSeq 550AR is Annoroad’s new-generation desktop high-throughput sequencing machine with high throughput, high speed, steady performance and simple operation; it can be widely used in medical institutions, clinical testing centers and scientific research institutions on all levels. 

One-stop desktop system for easier operation

Support high/medium flux mode, more flexible

Perfect combination of clinical detection and scientific sequencing

One-button operation

Efficient operation interface

Convenient Windows system, icon touch operation, full text/animation guidance;

Convenient operating experience

The sequencing parameter setting can be completed within 10 minutes, and the

Real-time monitoring of the sequencing process

The status bar at the bottom of the screen can indicate the running status of the

Pre-packaged sequencing reagents

All sequencing reagents are pre-packaged, ready-to-use, and inserted into the


Two modes Smart selection

NextSeq 550AR supports both high/medium throughput sequencing chips

Single-end sequencing and double-end sequencing, sequencing reads up to 300bp

High throughput: High-throughput chip can detect up to 100 NIPT samples in one run

Researchers can use different sequencing strategies based on the actual sample size

and coverage requirements, select the appropriate throughput of the sequencing

Professional Software Analysis

Integrated software: Through the integrated software integrated into the instrument

The overall solution: using the software program independently developed by Annota,

can achieve a one-stop solution for information input to report generation;

Third-party software: Standard data formats, with a wide range of open source


New module identification

Dual-channel fluorescence system, the image signal acquisition time is halved.

The newly upgraded Image module has low instrument failure rate and reliable operation.

The 6 sets of ultra-high resolution CCDs are able to capture and identify the fluorescence

Non-invasive prenatal DNA

The NextSeq 550AR, along with an independently developed kit and accompanying

software, enables non-invasive prenatal DNA testing (NIPT) to be more efficient and


Reagent version upgrades:

Newly upgraded sequencing reagents optimized for more efficient IA reagents, ensuring

Pre-packaged reagents:

Pre-packaged reagents, ready-to-use, can be placed in the corresponding position of the

RFID identification technology:

Through radio frequency identification tags (RFID), the instrument can automatically read and

identify reagent information, enabling traceability of sample information and data.



The non-invasive prenatal fetal chromosome aneuploidy analysis software independently developed by Anno Youda provides a one-stop solution for users from sample information entry to report generation. Software operation is simple and efficient, and it can implement sample information query, data analysis, report query and other serial functions.



Clinical Applications Expand Unlimited

Fertility reproduction

Non-invasive prenatal DNA detection

Chromosomal abnormality detection

Preimplantation genetic screening (pgs)


Cancer diagnosis and treatment

Blood disease gene detection

Breast cancer BRCAF/2 gene detection

Tumor individualized medication guides gene detection

ctDNA detection


Single gene disease

Hundreds of single gene detection


Genetic examination

Hereditary cancer gene detection

Hereditary arrhythmia gene detection

Scientific research tool to promote discovery
Professional focus Personality service

Laboratory construction

Site survey/drawing design/laboratory

layout/laboratory construction


Instrument delivery

Instrument Configuration / Instrument Release /

nstrument Calibration / Instrument Maintenance


Technical Support

Auxiliary room quality assessment/technical

output equipment/failure solution/laboratory

certification/system equipment upgrade


staff training

Pre-job training / rotation training / job training /

operation assessment


Operation management

Sop management system/quality control

management system/information management

certification/system equipment upgrade

    Anoruyouda upholds the concept of high quality and efficient service, and can provide personalized overall solutions according to the needs of users. Relying on NextSeq 550AR gene sequencing platform, combined with professional technical team and mature project operation experience, it can provide site survey, laboratory design and decoration,

NextSeq 550AR Gene Sequencer

(Certified by China National Machinery Corporation: 20173400330)

Built-in server

Host: Dual-Core Intel Xeon E5-2448L 1.8 GHz CPU;

Memory: 96GB RAM

Hard disk: 750GB

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 embedded standard

* The above computer parameters are based on the actual device

Operating environment

Temperature: 19-25°C (22±3°C)

Humidity: Relative humidity 20%-80%

Air Quality: Secondary Laboratory

Ventilation: up to 2,048 BTU/hr @ 600W

Altitude: 2000 meters or less

For indoor use only

size and weight

Width x Depth x Height: 58.5 cm x 53.4 cm x 63.5 cm

Weight: 83Kg

Power requirements

Line voltage: 220 V AC

Frequency / power: 50Hz/600VA

Sequencing chip parameters


More sequencing reads are available for customers to choose, so stay tuned.
Contact information

NextSeq 550AR Sequencer Inquiry, Email:

Anno-Uda has established a new generation of high-throughput sequencing platforms including NextSeq 550AR (CIO, 20173400330), NovaSeq 6000, HiSeq X Ten, HiSeq 2500/4000,

NextSeq 500, and MiSeq, and PacBio SequelThe sequencing platform can sequence DNA and RNA samples of different molecular types, and has the ability to detect large quantities of

samples. The sequencing platform is managed strictly according to ISO17025, GLP and other standards and specifications, ensuring the accuracy and feasibility of the experimental results

NextSeq 550AR

NovaSeq 6000

NextSeq 550AR(国械注准:20173400330)

NovaSeq 6000

X ten.png

PacBio Sequel

HiSeq X Ten PacBio Sequel



 HiSeq 2500

HiSeq 4000



NextSeq 500


In addition to the high-throughput sequencing platform, the company is also equipped with a series of advanced molecular biology instruments and equipment to achieve full automation





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