Headquarters address


Corporate HQ: Building B2, Yard 88, kechuang 6 Rd, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area

Zip code: 100176

Tel: +86 10-56315326

Fax: +86 10-56315338

Web: www.annoroad.com

Business cooperation

Tel: +86 010-56315496

E-mail: partnership@annoroad.com

Medical Health (fertility, oncology, genetic diseases, medical devices, etc.)

Tel: 4008-986-989

E-mail: service@annoroad.com

Scientific research services (sequencing, analysis, cloud platform, big data, etc.)

Tel: 4008-986-980

Web: www.genome.cn

E-mail: service@genome.cn

Personnel recruitment

Tel:+86 10-56315460


News conference

E-mail : media@annoroad.com 

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How to query the test result?

Through the network, you can query your detailed test report, safe and confidential. Using the software program independently
developed by Annota, you can realize a one-stop solution for information input to report generation.

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