1. PacBio

Annoroda and Pacific Biosciences have achieved a strategic cooperationonce again, and the two sides have deep cooperation on SMRT single-molecule sequencing technology.



After the announcement of the introduction of 10 PacBio Sequel sequencers in 2017, Annoroad has announced a strategic cooperation plan with Pacific Biosciences recently. The two sides will cooperate in the application of SMRT single-molecule sequencing technology in the fields of basic research in animal and plant genomics, basic medical research and translational medicine research.

In 2017, Annoroad announced to establish the Chinese own genome database Annoroad Typical Chinese Genomes (ATCG database), to explore the unique and reliable variation of the Chinese population, and to reveal the genetic mutation of the Chinese population.With the further application of PacBio sequencing technology in human genomics, the genetic variation information of ATCG database will be further enriched. At the same time, the two sides will also carry out further cooperation in the construction of important agricultural germplasm resources genebank, and promote the application of genetic technology in the field of agricultural breeding further.


2. Ali Cloud

Annoroad and AliCloud jointly build “Annoroad Cloud” gene big data analysis platform.




On Feb. 1, 2016, Annoroad Gene Technology, together with globally-leading cloud computing manufacturer AliCloud, announced the strategic cooperation plan to build AliCloud-based biological big data analysis cloud platform -“solargenomics”, with view to realizing rapid analysis and secure storage of high-throughput gene sequencing data, providing storage and management service of biological big data and the integrated service of biologic and clinical research data analysis and boosting the progress of China precision medicine. 


3. China Healthy Birth Science Association 


The Member of the 6th Council, and “The Excellent Group Member of China Healthy Birth Science Association 2014”.


China Healthy Birth Science Association is a national professional social organization, approved by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC, and registered in Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. Over the past 35 years, China Healthy Birth Science Association (CHBSA) has been committed to popularizing scientific knowledge on maternal and infant care and eugenics, enhancing the health knowledge level of the whole nation, supporting and promoting some new technologies of good prenatal and postnatal care, and good early education. Currently, China Healthy Birth Science Association (CHBSA) has more than 300 directors and more than 20,000 members. Its liaison network covers 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

Annoroad, as industrially first-class high-tech enterprise, has launched some leading gene testing technologies in the reproductive health to serve the public, which has achieved good social benefit. Annoroad being the council member of CHBSA reflects CHBSA’s affirmation to Annoroad, and also indicates that China prenatal and postnatal care undertaking needs the concerted efforts of all social powers. As the council member of CHBSA, Annoroad will support CHBSA’s works further to make new contribution to enhancing the birth quality and reducing the birth defects.


4. Chinese PLA General Hospital

Annoroad and Chinese PLA General Hospital jointly build “Medical Genomics Research Center”.

 Annoroad and Chinese PLA General Hospital jointly build Medical Genomics Research Center. Medical Genomics Research Center, as an independent operation and settlement unit, will provide the clinical application services with the core of the high-throughput sequencing and biological information analysis technology. Based on the complementary advantages of the Chinese PLA General Hospital and Annoroad in clinical medicine and genomics, Medical Genomics Research Center can provide some clinical genomics services of assisted reproduction, prenatal and postnatal care, tumor, complex diseases, rare diseases, etc., such as tumor gene testing, genetic disease testing, individualized medication guide, embryo pre-implantation testing, other DNA sequencing analysis.

Medical Genomics Research Center will drive the rapid development of clinical medicine transformation of domestic genomics sector, assist in introducing high-end talents in clinical medicine and medical genomics, and jointly declare the research subjects related to corresponding academy and industry at all levels. In addition, Medical Genomics Research Center will build a professional training system of genome technology for clinical and scientific research personnel to create a domestically-leading genome translational medicine demonstration base.


5. China Health Promotion Foundation


Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing Special Fund -“Boosting the Beauty of Life” Western Large Public Welfare Activity.



To carry out China’s prenatal and postnatal care policy and boost the clinical application of non-invasive prenatal DNA testing technology positively, under the strong support and correct guidance of China Health Promotion Foundation, Annoroad, as the technical support institution, jointly built Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing Special Fund on Sept. 9, 2012. Through previous preparations, Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing Special Activity - “Boosting the Beauty of Life” Western Large Public Welfare Activity was launched.

The ultimate objective of “Boosting the Beauty of Life” Western Large Public Welfare Activity is to introduce non-invasive prenatal DNA testing (leading type and synchronous type) into the Western China, which is a people’s livelihood project to benefit the people and achieve the people’s aspirations. So far, “Boosting the Beauty of Life” (Xinjiang Station) has been launched, and has made good staged achievements. At the end of 2012, China Health Promotion Foundation joined hands with The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University. By the end of Jun. 2013, more than 1000 pregnant women in Xinjiang area have been completed their testing freely. We have reasons to believe that, the activity can benefit more western families, and make more contributions to reducing the birth defects and providing the population quality in the Western China. 


6. American Illumina Company


Annoroad and American Illumina Company jointly develop the high-throughput sequencing platform.




On Jun. 10, 2015, Annoroad Gene Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and American Illumina Company announced in Beijing and San Diego simultaneously that both the sides will join hands to develop the high-throughput sequencing platform for the reproductive health. This cooperation focuses on providing the most advanced integrated solution for the clinical application market. Both the sides will jointly develop easily-operated prenatal DNA testing platform for China market.

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